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Planmeca ProMax 3D

Panoramic 3D tomograph Planmeca ProMax

Modern technologies for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment in our clinic.

The most advanced dental X-ray diagnostic panoramic 3D tomograph with cone-shaped beams.
Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus is a comprehensive 3D X-ray unit. It provides an extended view of the maxillofacial region.

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Plus is:

High image quality.

Movement artifact correction innovative algorithm.
Patient movement is often a problem for 3D image quality. The Planmeca CALM® algorithm removes motion artifacts resulting in a sharper final image.

Ultra low dose CBCT imaging.
Our innovative Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol allows you to acquire CBCT images at a lower radiation dose than panoramic images. The scientifically proven protocol is provided as a standard feature in all of our 3D machines.

Incredible convenience.
Combining ease of use with optimum patient comfort, Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus has been designed to provide a pleasant and effective treatment from start to finish.

Quality Endodontic Imaging.
With a voxel size of 75 µm, the endodontic imaging mode is ideal for capturing small anatomical details. Even the most difficult treatment areas are clearly visible due to the extremely high resolution.