Dental Tour in Tbilisi Dental Travel

Effective treatment , a nice vacation, considerable savings!

Visiting Tbilisi is a pleasant experience ,combined with possibility of acquiring a healthy smile from professional specialists of our "Dentist-Ge" team.

Representative of our clinic will meet you at the airport and deliver to a pre-booked apartments, located on the territory of our clinic.

The opportunity to rest in the reserved apartments, in between the dental procedures, creates an additional convenience to our patients.

Patients, living in our apartments get preferential terms for treatments.

Our clinic provides contact with excursion companies, organizing tours to different sights and nearby vicinities of the city. You can independently use their services in free from treatments time.

The preliminary plan of treatment will be created on the basis of all data ,provided in advance by patients; financial calculations will be coordinated and the date of arrival will be appointed.

You can contact us via e-mail :

The dental clinic offers following services :
  1. zirconia ceramic crowns
  2. ceramic veneers
  3. metal-ceramic crowns
  4. removable dentures
  5. bridge dentures
  6. ceramic inlays
  7. esthetic dentistry

During the work, "Dentist-Ge" team uses the most advanced technologies ,allowing to perform works of any complexity and of best quality.

Preliminary plan of visits to our dental clinic :

Day 1.

  1. Providing a transfer from the airport to a pre-booked apartment.
  2. Resting .
  3. Consultation in our dental clinic by experts: dentist-surgeon, dentist-orthopedist, dentist-periodontist.
    Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan.
    During the consultation your oral condition will be examined and a radiovisiographical analysis of teeth will be implemented.
    The plan of treatment will be modified ,financial settlement of treatments' cost will be coordinated and a tentative schedule of visits to the clinic will be created.
  4. Professional oral hygiene is performed.
  5. free time .

Day 2.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic.
  2. Removal of existing old metal-ceramic constructions, production of temporary constructions.
  3. Endodontic treatment of teeth.
  4. Free time.

Day 3.

  1. Visit to the clinic . Continuation of endodontic treatment.
  2. Restoration of all destroyed teeth.
  3. Free time.
  4. Completion of teeth’ restoration.
  5. Free time.

Day 4.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic .
  2. Meeting with dentist-orthopedist ; taking prints for production of constant and temporary designs ;choosing the shape and color of future removable and non-removable designs.
  3. Installation of temporary designs.
  4. Free time.

Day 5.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic .
  2. Additional, required examination/manipulations by dentists .
  3. Free time-2 days.

Day 6-7.

  1. Free from treatment days.

Day 8.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic.
  2. Fitting of a metal framework or removable designs.
  3. Free time .

Day 9.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic ; Preliminary fitting of final work .
  2. Correction of color & shape of future teeth .
  3. Free time.

Day 10.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic.
  2. Removable and non-removable constructions' fixation.
  3. Completion of work.
  4. Free time.

Day 11-12.

  1. Free time- 2 days.

Day 13.

  1. Visit to the dental clinic ;control survey by dentists.
  2. A transfer to the airport. Have a good flight!