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Get two oral prophylaxis procedures for the price of one!

Congratulate your loved ones with Valentine’s day, the day of all lovers having nice white and shiny smile! 

We give you an opportunity to bring back your natural white teeth, pleasant feelings in your oral cavity and comfort and self-assurance during talk and smile.  

This offer is valid till the 14th of February, inclusive.

Teeth professional cleaning or oral prophylaxis procedure comprises removing the deposits from all surfaces of your teeth with an ultrasound, a minimum invasive innovative method that allows the maximal cautious process of all teeth crowns’ surfaces. Next comes the air-flow, It evenly cleans the whole surface with the help of the finest abrasive powder chosen by your taste. The air-flow is followed by the final polishing step, which is done using a rubber cup and a paste with special brightening and tooth surfaces hardening effect. Finally, you may decide if you need whiter teeth and want to use bleaching, which is a different procedure.

Appointments may be scheduled online or by contacting our office at +(995) 599 51 07 41

// This offer is for ALL! If you did not yet meet or your loved one is out of reach or is not in need of the oral prophylaxis you are still eligible. This might make your life happier! Rise your self-confidence and boost your chances for success!

You pay only 50 GEL, instead of usual 80GEL You save 30 GEL!

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